• The Care is Excellent
    Dr. Krueger and his staff are extremely competent, considerate, and down-to-earth. The care is excellent and the advice wise and practical. I highly recommend the practice.

    - Bev

  • An Enjoyable Experience
    I had a fantastic experience at Krueger Dental. I saw their flyer in the mail for free Zoom whitening for new patients and after reading some of the positive patient reviews decided to book in. I don't have dental insurance and they were very accommodating on my decision to forgo x-rays until I'm insured and priced the visit accordingly. They did not pressure you into add ons like many dentists which was a relief. The dentist even threw in a free X-ray because he really thought it was necessary to see a spot on one of my teeth. Everyone from the receptionist to the dental hygienist to Dr. Krueger was so friendly and made both visits an enjoyable experience. I would have never thought about getting Zoom whitening before I saw the flyer and after seeing how great my teeth look I'm so glad I did! Even if you don't have dental insurance I would recommend coming here because the service is top-notch and they will not pressure you into overspending.

    - Laura

  • We Trust Them With All Our Dental Needs
    Dr. Krueger has been our family dentist for over 23 years! We feel like he and the staff are like family; we trust them so much with all of our dental needs. (We now drive 45 min-1 hr to get there but they are worth it!). Beautiful office, great staff. Highly recommend!!

    - Tracy

  • Total Dental Experience
    From the moment the patient enters the office, he or she is made to feel comfortable and welcome.  Each staff person I met explained everything to me in a very thorough way.  Everyone will like the total dental experience.

    - Sharon

  • Dr. Krueger is the Best
    I have been going to Dr. Krueger for about 25 years. That is longer than any relationship I've had with any business or Doctor of any sort. It's simply because Dr. Krueger is the best, and he always maintains a staff of similarly excellent people.

    - Grant

  • An Excellent Choice
    I have been going to Dr. Krueger’s office for all my dental needs since I moved to the area in 2004. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Liz is the best dental hygienist I’ve come across (and I speak from experiencing 6 corporate moves and establishing with many new dental offices through the years). When some additional dental care is required, Erlinda is a wonderful dental assistant who helps the patient through all the various steps. If you’re looking for a dentist, this would be an excellent choice.

    - Michelle

  • Pleasant & Painless!
    I have been coming to Krueger Dental Associates (and every other incarnation of the name) since the original Carlson Building location. Two crowns, a gold inlay, several old filling replacements, and over 50 semi-annual cleanings, I wouldn't think of going any place else! I recommend Krueger Dental Associates to everyone looking for a new dentist, or even those who don't have any plans to change dentists. I actually look forward to going to the dentist for my checkups. Getting my teeth cleaned is far more pleasant and painless than ever!

    - Mark

  • Nothing But the Best!
    Dr. Krueger is a very talented and amazing Dentist! I had a cracked tooth that needed repair with an onlay, and he did a great job fixing it. Dr. Krueger also completed a root canal due to a problem with a nerve being exposed in my tooth. The whole procedure was completely painless! I'm very thankful to have Dr. Krueger as my Dentist. I would not trust any other Dentist to work on my teeth. Also, the whole team at his office is so professional, and everyone works together to make sure the whole experience is nothing but the best! Thank you Krueger Dental Associates!

    - John