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  • Dr.
    Robert Krueger

    Born and raised in Evanston, the oldest of five children, Dr. Robert S. Krueger is committed to his community and the well-being of his patients. A graduate of Evanston Township High School, Dr. Krueger completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois in three years. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1974 from the University of Illinois - College of Dentistry in Chicago and began his Evanston practice a year later.

    Dr. Krueger has three daughters - Kathryn, Amanda and Joanna - and has been guardian for his nephew, Alex for the last 12 years. Kathryn has a wedding photography business in Waco, Texas. Amanda works for Michigan State University in higher education administration and plays the harp. Joanna is in her first year of college with an interest in chemical engineering. Alex currently lives and works in Chicago and attends Northeastern Illinois University. In his spare time, Dr. Krueger enjoys playing golf and electric guitar. He performs three or four times each year with the Paul Green School of Rock adult band. He also enjoys gourmet cooking, fine wine and travel with his wife, Patti.

    Continuing education has been a high priority throughout his career for both doctor and his dental care team. He is active in the dental community as a member of the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, Chicago Dental Society, and Academy of General Dentistry and has served as the chair of the Chicago Dental Society North Suburban Peer Review Committee since 1992.

    Dr. Krueger is dedicated to quality care and treatment tailored to your needs and your style for optimal oral health and a great smile.


For those of you that didn't know, Dr. Krueger is passionate about playing electric guitar! Although he enjoys playing all types of music, he is a fan of classic rock. Dr. Krueger takes guitar lessons several times a week at The School of Rock in Highwood and performs with the band, which consists of a variety of adult professionals several times a year.

Recently the band played at 27 Live right here in Evanston!

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