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Krueger Dental Associates | Advanced Laser Therapy in Evanston


 Dr. Robert S. Krueger, DDS 
1601 Sherman Avenue, Suite 400 | Evanston, IL 60201


Advanced Laser Therapy

Krueger Dental Associates in Evanston IL



Dr. Krueger and his hygienists are certified in Dental Laser technology by Advanced Laser Technology, Inc.  With this technology we are able to provide a wider variety of services to our patients.  The diode laser can be used for many different soft tissue procedures.  Laser technology has enabled dentistry to provide less invasive treatment for many dental procedures, both preventative and restorative.  Laser science yields many benefits, including increased patient comfort, satisfaction, and more efficient dental care. 

Procedures that can be performed with the laser are:


            -Laser Bacterial Reduction treatment for inflamed gums

            -Periodontal therapy (curettage of necrosed tissue within the periodontal pocket)

            -Excision and biopsy



            -Lesion (tumor) removal

            -Fibroma removal

            -Tissue retraction (troughing)

            -Apthous ulcer treatment

            -Hepetic lesion treatment (cold sores)

            -Gingival hyperplasia

            -Crown lengthening



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